Friday, May 18, 2012

Training Update

Well, I had a good post planned for today but ran out of time to write it. This weekend is crazy busy for me. So I'll do a quick training update and leave it at that.

Race day is 13 weeks away! Wow, that gave me a sudden pre-race rush. This week is supposed to be a push week with 14 miles scheduled, but since it's so busy I did the 14 last week and plan to do just 8 tomorrow. It's warming up here, and I don't do as well running in the heat. Yeah, I signed up for an August race. Training will be tough, but I can do it.

I sent out 200 letters for my fundraiser. If you would like to join me in helping the Preeclampsia Foundation, there's more information here.

Tomorrow is another Survivor Saturday. If you have survived preeclampsia or a related condition, I'd love to hear your story. More info is here.

And now off to bed. Lots to do tomorrow.

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