Saturday, May 5, 2012

Training Update

Well, I reached 300 miles this week. Less than 700 to reach my goal for the year.

I missed Thursday's run due to being very busy: I cleaned the entire house top to bottom. It was in serious need. Usually the kids help me (or "help" me), but it goes so much faster when they're at grandma's.

Saturday is my usual long run, but I've put it off to tomorrow. Papa Runner and I are playing tourists this weekend. :) My right ankle is a little sore, the one with the old injury that flares up from time to time. I realized the motion of vacuuming irritates it. Guess I can't vacuum any more. Darn. ;) Smartie loves that job anyway. Hm, maybe scrubbing toilets irritates it, too. Sweetie, I have a job for you!

I'm doing this training for my next marathon, which I'm using as a fundraiser for the Preeclampsia Foundation. You can read about it here and sponsor me if you wish.

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