Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Disclaimer and Author's Notes

Disclaimer: I am neither a doctor nor a research scientist. I am a woman who has experienced the devastating effects of preeclampsia three times. I write about preeclampsia as I understand it. Also keep in mind that research is ongoing. What we understand today may be adjusted, altered, or even thrown out entirely as new information is discovered.

Note: Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH), preeclampsia (PE), eclampsia, and HELLP syndrome all fall under the umbrella of hypertensive pregnancy disorders. I will use the above terms when writing specifically about those conditions, but will use "preeclampsia" when talking about the group of conditions as a whole.

Note: I use the term "husband" when speaking of a baby's father because I believe in the ideal of married parents. I realize my ideal may not be your reality. Feel free to replace husband with ex-husband, boyfriend, sperm donor, or whatever term of choice is appropriate for you.

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