Saturday, December 7, 2013

Catch Up Post 2: Summer Training

As I mentioned in a previous post, I downloaded a running app that I just LOVE. I decided to download the 5k companion app this summer. Now, I'm an experienced marathoner. I don't need a couch to 5k training program. But after letting my speed, such as it was, slack off while training for Goofy, I wanted to focus on the running portion of my intervals. I like being an interval runner, I don't really want to be an all-runner, but I did want to run longer and faster within my interval routine. I thought this would be a good chance both to add to my Zombie fun and to work on my speed.

The storyline of this app takes place between the first and second missions of "Zombies, Run!" While not critical to the story as a whole, it does add some nice details to round it out. It was fun to learn more about the background of various characters.

The training program was thorough and could be easily adjusted depending on your ability. When I started it, I was only running a quarter mile at a time (I'd run an occasional mile during my years of running, but I really like my intervals). By the end of the program, I could run a full 5 miles without a walk break! Since then, I've worked my way up to 10 miles of all-running!

My only complaint with the app is that the last mission, the 5k run, is based on time, not actual distance. I'd gotten so fast (for me, anyway), I ended up going almost twice as far. If I'd been running an actual race instead of just through the neighborhood, I'd have had a lot of story left at the end.

I still love my intervals and use them on longer runs, but many of my shorter runs are now all running. And even on interval runs, my overall speed has improved a LOT. More on that in my next race report.

Catch Up Post 1: Race Report

This poor blog has gotten a bit neglected. I wanted to post a race report for my October race, only to realize I never did one for my April race! And I also wanted to update about my summer training, a couple more bra reviews, and being studied. I'll probably have a flurry of posts, and then nothing for months again. ;)

So without further ado, here's my (short) report. On April 26, I ran the Illinois Christie Clinic Half Marathon for the third year in a row. After focusing on endurance for the Goofy Challenge in January, I'd slacked off on speed a lot. In the months between, I worked on building my speed back up and was hopeful of setting a PR. Unfortunately, I tripped on the stairs a few days before this race and badly bruised two toes. It was a minor setback, though, and I was still able to run.

This year, my awesome Papa Runner stayed home with the kids and let me go with my sister, A. My dad was also running, so A and Mom went around together to see us in several places. It was fun seeing them in the crowd. I ended up finishing with a time of 2:49:08, my (at the time) second best finish despite my injury. In fact my three best times (at the time) all came at this race. I love the course! Next April, I hope to do a full there, too.