Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An Intense Month of Posts

Almost done, ready to relax
Preeclampsia Awareness Month is almost over. I'm almost done with my "Post a Day for the Month of May" challenge. It's been an intense month, but I'm glad to get information about PE and related conditions out there. I hope it is helpful to someone. One more post coming tomorrow, hopefully about the emotional impact of PE. (Just waiting for permission to reprint the article.) After that, I'll continue to post but not every day.

For more information and support, check out the Preeclampsia Foundation.
If you'd like to support my marathon fundraiser, click here.
If you are looking for Survivor Stories, or have one to share, click here.

And an archive of the posts I've made:

On Preeclampsia:
What Is Preeclampsia?
Why Me? (risk factors)
Trying Again After Preeclampsia
The Maternal-Fetal Conflict
A Nasty Little Protein
Risk Factors Revisited

On Treatment Options:
Low Dose Aspirin
Vitamins and Minerals
The Brewer Diet

On the Emotional Impact:
The Aftermath
My Birth Burned Down
What Not To Say
A Fine Line (trigger warning: discusses death of a baby)

Observer's Bias

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