Saturday, April 21, 2012

Six Miles In

Finally, some movement on my ticker! I was able to get 3 miles on the treadmill on Thursday and another 6 today. I'll have some posts in the next few days about my two week break, but I'm feeling great now and ready to get back out there. I did 6 miles in 1:15:30 today, an overall average pace of 12:35. I also managed negative splits: 13 minutes/mile going out and 12:10/mile coming back. If I can do the same or better next Saturday, I should be able to hit or beat my goal time of 2:44 for the Illinois Christie Clinic Half Marathon. I set an unofficial PR of 2:44:30 during a training run a few months ago, and I want to make it official. My current official PR is 2:58:22, so I'm confident (barring something huge) I'll set a PR even if I don't hit my goal time.

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