Sunday, April 22, 2012

Let's Talk About Boobs

How's that for a title?

So as I said in a previous post, I had a compressed nerve in my back that was causing a lot of trouble. I've lost 15lb since Christmas, and my old bras were not getting the job done. The lack of support caused my back issues. I'm a very curvy girl, and a supportive bra is crucial in my daily life and especially while running. Ladies, I can't emphasize enough how important it is to be acurately measured and to get a well-fitting, supportive bra. It's important for anyone, but especially for a curvy runner like myself.

I'm going to talk about sports bras over a few posts in the next few weeks. A good quality sports bra is pricy but worth it. Of course, you can get cheap sports bras at Target or Walmart. They usually come in sizes small, medium, and large. They don't fit very well, and they aren't very supportive. I know women who have to wear two and three of these at a time. The money you save gets spent on the extra bras. Not worth it.

My favorite sports bra is the CW-X, especially the Ultra Support II. All their bras have a unique "five point star" technology that is very supportive and minimizes bounce without compression. That lack of compression was very important for me because I ran my third, fourth, and fifth half marathons while nursing twins. A compression bra can cause lots of problems with blocked ducts and can even dry up your milk. I didn't have to worry about that with this bra.

Another pro to this bra is the mesh fabric that is very breatheable. I get extremely hot when I run, and this bra is very cool.

It comes in actual sizes (32-42, B-DDD) rather than the small/medium/large size ranges. The Ultra Support II has a back clasp. Some of their other bras have front clasps. All have adjustable, padded straps for a customized fit. No underwires. This bra gets an all around A++ from me.

With all these pros, there's one very big con: It doesn't come in my current size. In addition to being very curvy, I'm also petite, which makes shopping difficult. I'm currently measuring as a 32F (yes, I just revealed my bra size on the internet!) So as much as I love this bra, I'm forced to look elsewhere. In future posts, I'll review the other bras I'm trying.

Note: I received no compensation for this review. This is just my own experience with the bra I've worn and loved for 4 years.

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