Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's Not Broken!

Yep, we're dancing here! I spent 11 days on crutches thinking it was likely my foot was broken, but praying desperately it wasn't. I figured if it was broken, I'd be ahead of the game on healing, and if it wasn't, I was only inconveniencing myself.

I had an MRI yesterday, and the tech (with a lot of disclaimers) said she couldn't see a break. I tentatively started walking on my foot last night. Wow. My ankle feels weak and my whole leg is stiff.

I got the official call this morning. Doctor says it's not broken and to go ahead and enjoy my race! After screaming, texting my family, and posting on Facebook, I got right on the treadmill for an easy mile. I did another mile this afternoon, then met up with my team and coaches this evening. We worked out a plan for the next few days, and I did another two miles with them.

Now my right leg from toe to lower back is so stiff and tight it feels like I've already run the marathon, while my left side could easily go another ten miles. This is not going to be a pretty race, but that's okay. A finish is a win. As long as I can get across the finish line within the 7 hour time limit, I'll sing all the way home.

Thanks to everyone who prayed over the last two weeks, and if you feel so moved, I'd appreciate more prayers over the next few days as I rehab and then run.

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