Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nine Weeks to Race Day

I finished a brutal 16 miles this morning. I was a lot slower than usual, and my muscles were threatening major cramps toward the end, but I finished without skipping a run interval. I did not receive a submission for today's Survivor Saturday. I still had a mother and children in mind, but I hesitate to share too many details without her permission. (We are no longer in touch.)

J lost her first son to PE at 22 weeks around the same time I was diagnosed with my twins, also at 22 weeks. We both found the amazing forums at the Preeclampsia Foundation. A few months later, she was pregnant with her second. We encouraged, supported, and prayed for each other through those long, stressful months. J had a beautiful, living son at 36 weeks with only mild PE. I cried when I read her birth announcement. A new pregnancy after previous complications and especially after a loss can be so stressful. Sharing it with women who understand helps a lot.

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